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Gary Plant Mooty

Gray Plant Mooty combines fresh, creative thinking and innovative strategies with a tradition of excellence. Quality is as important to us today as it was when the law firm was founded in 1866. Approx

About Gary Plant Mooty

Operating a franchise system presents complex business and legal issues -- sometimes on a daily basis. Some issues are positive and even exciting -- international expansion, for example. Other issues are just as important but less welcome, such as facing demands of existing or prospective franchisees, or matters relating to the consumers of the franchised products or services.

Whatever the issue or situation, competent and experienced legal support is crucial. Gray Plant Mooty's Franchise and Product Distribution Team -- one of the most respected franchise practices in the country -- provides that support to local, national and international clients. We represent more than 80 franchisors, ranging from start-up and emerging franchisors to franchisors with thousands of locations worldwide.

We understand that the failure to hear back from your lawyer is frustrating. We simply won't allow that to happen. We will return all phone calls and emails in at least a half business day.

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Gary Plant Mooty
500 IDS Center, 80 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
United States

Phone: 612-632-3000

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