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Big Event Productions, LLC

Big Event is a full service audio-visual production resource developed to support the efforts of producers, meeting planners and creators of corporate events.

About Big Event Productions, LLC

Big Event Productions, LLC was conceived on the premise that meeting producers and event organizers would value a single-source contractor to provide dependable full service audio, video and lighting capabilities at competitive rates.

Big Event was founded in the fall of 2003 by four partners with a significant inventory of audio and video gear, and extensive backgrounds as hands-on media production professionals...Bob Chouinard (Producer), Tom Bothof (Audio Designer), Steve Friederichsen (Lead Video) and Ross Gish (Lighting Designer).

Contact us

Big Event Productions, LLC
77 13th Avenue NE, Studio 101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413
United States

Phone: 612.623.7800

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