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Intelius Inc.

We believe in the vision of intelligently integrating information online for personal security and to inform the decision-making process. We provide consumers and businesses with predictive intelligen

About Intelius Inc.

Using Intelius, consumers have researched the background of childcare providers, coaches, healthcare workers and home contractors using Intelius Background Checks. They have reconnected with family and friends using People Search. Business users have leveraged Intelius' data to check and monitor the background of potential employees and to ensure they are the best person for the job throughout the course of their tenure within an organization. Business users have also used Intelius to generate leads and verify data.

We recognize that while intelligence is powerful and valuable, information in the wrong hands can also be damaging to both individuals and businesses. That's why we offer protective services such as Criminal Checks, Identity Verification services and IDWatch. Intelius' Criminal Checks enable consumers to make informed choices about the people they trust by delivering appropriate and accurate public records information. Intelius' Identity Verification services assist businesses in confirming individuals while Intelius IDWatch comprehensively monitors all identity-related data for consumers. Unlike any other offering available today, Intelius' IDWatch actively detects, prevents and insures America's fastest-growing crime: identity theft.

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Intelius Inc.
500 108th Ave NE, 25th floor
Bellevue, Washington 98004
United States

Phone: 425-974-6199
Fax: 425-974-6199

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